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Author Information
Thank you for visiting!  I am a Basic Law Enforcement Training Student.  I, as a citizen admire the role of the police officer.  It is a profession I respect greatly.  To be an officer takes a strong yet sensitive person;  Patient yet stern; Compassionate yet objective; They are listeners and leaders;  They are here to protect and serve you!  To be a part of such a profession will mean SO much to me!  Please have a safe and wonderful day!  Come back to visit!  This site will soon be updated.
1999/2000 Welcome Message
Welcome!  It's me, the owner of the website. I accomplished my dream.  I graduated BLET in May of 2000 and it is now January 25th, 2001.  I am currently working as a patrol officer and am enjoying every minute of it.  I work with wonderful people including an extraordinary Chief of Police. 
2001 Welcome Message
It is now Mid 2002 and the author of this web site may soon be the author of her first book.
Today is June 17th, 2002.   Our Chief of Police resigned a few days ago and he will be missed by all.  He helped this city rid itself of drugs and has developed a fabulous police department full of wonderful, dedicated men and women.  I have learned much about life while working here and will continue to enjoy my job.