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Happy, Caring, Smart, Kids!

"A Hundred Years From Now It Will Not Matter What My Bank Account Was, The Sort Of House I Lived In, Or The Kind Of Car I Drove... But The World May Be Different Because I Was Important In The Life Of A Child."


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Happy, Confident, Caring,
Smart Kids!

Kids today need caring adults.
They need positive role models. They need love.
Be there for a child. Make a difference.
Help change the world...
One child at a time.


Let's Compare What Kids
to What Kids Want...

Kids Need:

A Stress Free Environment
Unconditional Love
Positive Role Models
Parental Trust
Parental Support
Physical/Mental Activities
Constructive Criticism

Kids Want:

Can It Be That Simple?
If kids WANT what they
NEED and we KNOW what
they WANT...
Then What Is The Problem?

The Fact Is That Some Kids DON'T KNOW What They WANT and NEED.
Why Not?
Because They Have Never Been Shown. Once A Child Feels Love Then He Knows That Is What He Needs And He Knows That Is What He Wants.
Once A Child Feels Support From A Parent Then That Child Knows That He Needs And Wants Support From A Parent. Just As A Child Has To Be Taught Deviance And Just As A Child Has To Be Taught Right From Wrong, A Child Has To Be Taught Love, Guidance, Support, And Encouragement To Know What It Feels Like. Otherwise He Will Not Know That Is What He Needs. How Can A Child Who Grows Up Without Love, Support, And Guidance Be A Positive Role Model To His Children? It Starts With The Parents. It Starts With You. You Make The Change. You Teach Your Kids Love, Nourishment, and Support And YOU Will Have Started A New And Brighter Future For YOUR Child And All The Generations To Come.


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