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        Police Poems
      The Cop
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He sees inside you.
He sees inside me.
He sees everything we need not see.
Professional and strong, and All he must know;
Soft hearted he may be, but cannot show.
He is taken for granted and shown little thanks,
For all that he does, day after day.

7:45pm It's A Domestic…

One battered wife screams into the phone,

"Help he's got a knife, and I am all alone!"
He's banging on the door,
screaming with a roar:
"Put down the phone and say goodbye!
Its your turn woman!  You're gonna die!"
"I need you here
to protect what I fear,
for in the door he now appears."
You don't have much time, for he…"
He hears the phone fall
as he drives to the call.
Dead silence in the night.
He arrives; not a soul in sight.
Back up arrives and they go inside.
No one should have to see what they've seen tonight.
As they step into the room,
their eyes fill with gloom.
For there looks like nothing they can do.
Tending to a woman lying in a pool of blood,
They all agree, this doesn't look good.
The medics attend…
"We did all we could."

9:00pm That same night…

A juvenile ran away on his bike.
Parents are panicked; screaming with fright
"Where can he be, Please help me!"
"Ma'am we will do all that we can.
I need some information and we'll devise a plan."
Not a tear can he shed for the previous call.
For he has no time; no time at all.
A mother is missing her son.
For his work has just begun.

He consoles her as best he can.
"We'll find the little man."

The night slows down.
  He has a chance to think.
Why did this happen?
His heart starts to sink.

What makes people tick
And turn them into pricks?
Why did she die?
I really need to cry.

Next night he returns…
It's 6:45. 

The killer is in custody
and we found the boy and his bike.
He'd gone down to grandma's for some apple pie.
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I try and I try,
with all my might.
What can I do, to end this fight.
This war between people,
Will they ever see the light?

A kid kills another kid
for a $5.00 bill.
But that can't really be,
WHY that kid killed?

Why is the answer.
Why did he kill
for a $5.00 bill?
Was he hungry?
Was he starving?
Or was it just for the thrill?

Did his parents love him the best they could?
If not by his parents, then who should?
Let's say he was given everything under the sun,
taught manners, and in his class he was #1.
Does this mean he was born to kill?
No matter what?
Over a $5.00 bill?

What can we do
to live in peace,
me and you?

Why do emotions have to control
a second of our minds
that lead to a bullet hole?

The heart is such a huge place to be.
Peace will occur when we all see,
that without each other...
what kind of life would that be?

Don't kill over a $5.00 bill.
Love and nurture,
and together we will
live in peace
and we will ALL HEAL.
© by friends of