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Police Poems

Please Read Each and Every One as they each shed a new light on that of an officer of the law.
"Who Cries For The COP "

Who cries for the COP...
Walking his beat.
Down a mean street..
Where violent men hold sway..
Where life is cheap...
And Death doth keep..
His tally day by day..
Who cried for the cop..
When assault is made..
With flashing blade..
And guns that shatter the night..
And scanners sound...
Of "Officer down !"
Tells of his helpless plight...
Who cries for the cop...
When ambulance wail.
Tells a mournful tale...
Bringing tears to a widow's eyes...
Who gives a damn..
When triggers slam...
And a brave policemen dies?
Who cries for the cop...
With bloodstained shield...
As life doth yield...
And his labored heartbeats stop?
Tell me true... I'm asking YOU...
Who cares ?
Who cries for the COP?
Written by:

Thomas Cannon

from Richmond, Va

The Final Inspection 

The policeman stood and faced his God,which must always come to pass.

He hoped his shoes were shining just as brightly as his brass.

"Step forward now, policeman. How shall I deal with you?

Have you always turned the other cheek?

To my church have you been true?

The policeman squared his shoulders and said.

"No, I guess I ain't because those of us who carry a badge

can't always be a Saint."

I've had to work most Sundays

and at times my talk is rough,

and sometimes I've been violent,

because the streets are awfully tough.

But I never took a penny that wasn't mine to keep...

though I worked a lot of overtime when the bills got to steep.

And I never passed a cry for help

though at times I shook with fear,

and sometimes, God forgive me, I've wept unmanly tears.

I know I don't deserve a place among the people here.

They never wanted me around except to calm their fear.

If you've a place for me here, Lord, it needn't be so grand,

I never expected or had too much, but if  you don't...I'll understand"

There was a silence all around the throne where the Saints had often trod.

As the policeman waited quietly for the judgment of his God.

"Step forward now, policeman.

You've borne you burdens well.

Come walk a beat on Heaven's streets.

You've done your time in Hell"

(Author Unknown )

Among us, sent down from heaven,
Are those that walk a Thin Blue Line, that's a given.
Like Guardian Angels to watch over me and you,
Are those that wear the uniform of blue.
We see them only as traffic stops,
We do not call them friends, just cops.
We pray we never have a chance meeting,
We never pass along a greeting.
But they are so much more than this,
They simply do not see the world as bliss.
But they look into the corners of our deepest fears,
They walk the beat, they wipe a tear.
They bring a message to our home,
When all is not well, and you are alone.
They come to us, no matter the need,
Handle the problem, complete the deed.
They lay their personal feelings aside,
They do their job, they have great pride.
And if one should fall, among life's things.
The badge they wear, turns into wings.

Katherine Raborn

        Cops on the Take

First he takes ... the oath.
Now look at all he takes:
He takes... it in stride when people call him pig.
He takes... time to stop and talk to children.
He takes... your verbal abuse while giving you a ticket you
really deserved.
He takes... on creeps you would be afraid to even look at. He takes... time away from his family to keep you safe.
He takes... your injured child to the hospital.
He takes... the graveyard shift without complaint because it's
his turn.
He takes... his life into his hands daily.
He takes... you home when your car breaks down.
He takes... time to explain why both your headlights have to
He takes... the job no one else wants--telling you a loved one
has died.
He takes ... criminals to jail.
He takes... in sights that would make you cry.
Sometimes he cries too, but he takes it anyway because
someone has to.
If he is lucky, he takes retirement.
He takes... memories to bed each night that you couldn't bear
for even one day.
Sometimes, he takes a bullet.
And yes, occasionally he may take a free cup of coffee.
Then one day he pays for all he has taken, and God takes
Please remember that the "he" in all this represents all
police officers, both men and women who have served and
are serving our cities and their citizens we have all sworn to

God bless ALL cops everywhere!

(author unknown)

All my life, I wanted to be.....
a person who makes a difference.
I dedicated my entire being,
to be the absolute best , at what I do.
Day after day, I see death, I see life..
In its truest form, reality......its brutal.
Mid shift, I'm alone, my mind wonders,
So many memories flipping the pages,
hard to let go the visions..
To think, the little amount I am paid,
but that doesn't matter, I can make a difference.
For you... your children..... me children.
Thugs come and go, oh not another domestic.
A bruised face, a crying child, a gangster dead in the gutter..
Another report, under the microscope, its not written.. it wasn't done...
A fellow officer...losing their life,
How many times, must we die,,,
All in the name of humanity...
One life is given, so that many may live...
Doesn't seem fair....
Sun chases the night away, tour of duty finished,
Theres my love, waiting by the door,
Kissing me, I love you, off to work I must go...
Children following, smiling as the door closes....
All my life, I wanted to make a difference...
To be an Officer in Law Enforcement...
Finding out, its a faith, not a job......
Can't leave it at the office....
Forever imprinted, in my heart and mind....
In my life, I have made a difference.....

Written by:

Somebody killed a policeman today
And a part of America died...
A piece of our country he swore to protect
Will be buried with him at his side.
The beat that he walked was a battlefield, too,
Just as if he had gone off to war;
Though the flag of our nation won't fly at half-mast
To his name they will add a gold star.
The suspect that shot him will stand up in court
With counsel demanding his rights,
While a young, widowed mother must work for her kids
And spend many long, lonely nights.
Yes, somebody killed a policeman today...
Maybe in your town or mine,
While we slept in comfort behind our locked doors A cop put his life on the line.
Now his ghost walks the beat on a dark city street,
And he stands at each new rookie's side:
He answered the call . . . of himself he gave his all,
And a part of America died...

In Memory :
Deputy Nicholas S. Bryant  
Lee County, Sheriffs Dept, Ft. Myers Fl.
April 12, 1972 - April 19, 1998.
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